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EFA Releases the 2018 Schedule

The EFA released the 2018 league schedule on December 3, 2017. The early release of the league schedule will allow member teams to schedule individual team events in advance and will help to prevent scheduling conflicts within the league. In addition to preventing league and team conflicts, the early schedule release will allow coaches and players throughout the league to plan their summer accordingly.

The EFA schedule is league event centric for 2018 focusing on all member teams and players. The events scheduled are:

Game Scheduling Event - Teams will be able to choose their own destiny, stay tuned...

Preseason Kickoff Event - Competition and media for all player in the league.

Triple Header - League opening triple header, 6 teams, one location. Video, Fans, Raffles, etc...

Double Header - Mid Season double header, 4 teams, one location. Video, Fans, Raffles, etc...

Stay tuned for details.

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