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Why we're Elite!

  • $5,000 Championship Award
  • Season Opening day Multi-Game Event
  • League Sponsored Summer Classic Multi-Game Event
  • Video Channel
  • Authentic Roster Accountability
  • Team input scheduling event
  • League Organized Bowl System, setting bowl games, at large games, competition Nationwide. 

Our Mission

The Elite Football Alliance was founded in 2018, an offshoot of the Five Star Football League. The debut of the league featured 12 teams from across the New York and surrounding metro area. Our summer league is rooted in quality football in an inclusive environment that allows organizations to flourish and showcase their product. We believe in equity, fair play, and a quality player and team owner experience. We believe in roster integrity, and have adopted a team scheduling draft concept that allows teams to have input into their schedule and league by-laws.

Our Champions

2018 - Long Island Red Devils def. Silk City Sharks, 30-24
2019 - Long Island Red Devils def. New Jersey Assassins, 20-12
2020 - Harlem Gators def. Empire State Demon Knights, 13-0
2021 - Brooklyn Pharaohs def. Long Island Red Devils, 8-6
2022 - Brooklyn Pharaohs def. Harlem Gators, 18-16
2023 - New York Bears def. Empire State Demon Knights, 35-20

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