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EFA 2023 Kickoff Set for August 12

The 2023 Elite Football Alliance season kicks off on Saturday, August 12, 2023, at the Torne Valley Sports Complex in Hillburn, NY. The New York Bears, who came off of a solid 2022 season after a two-year break, take on the Empire State Demon Knights, who finished just behind the Bears in 2022 and are looking to put the pieces in place for a breakout season will be the chosen teams introducing play on August 12, one of three weekends in August that showcases EFA teams before Labor Day Weekend. After the holiday weekend, the schedule gets a lot more interesting, as the EFA has partnered with the XEFL for a series of crossover contests and head-to-head matchups, part of an 8-game season for both leagues. After both leagues crown champions at the end of the year, the two championship teams will meet to determine an overall champion between the two leagues.

It all starts this Saturday at 6:30pm, so come on out and cheer on Season VI of the EFA.

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