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Championship Set for November 26

The EFA will finish up their season with their marquee game of the year set for Sunday, November 26, at the Joseph F. Fosina Field in New Rochelle. The top-seeded Bears, coming in with a 9-0 record after an unblemished regular season and a huge semifinal win over the Bandits, will look to stay undefeated and take the EFA title for the first time. To do so, they'll have to get by the No. 2 Demon Knights, 6-3 after their playoff win over the Legion. The two teams met twice during the regular season, with the Bears taking 33-6 and 35-0 wins, making them a big favorite heading into the season's final day.

No matter what, the EFA will crown a new and first-ever champion on Sunday, as neither of the teams have taken a title in the EFA yet over the league's previous five seasons.

Coverage at Fosina will begin at 3pm on the PDF Sports Network, and tickets to the game are $10 at the gate.


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